How To Buy a Used Truck

STEP 1Look for a used truck.

You can narrow your used truck search by name, year, model, and more.Search results will be displayed as a list with thumbnail images. Click on the thumbnail to get detailed information on a particular used truck.

STEP 2Inquire about the Truck you are Interested in

If you want more information on a used truck, such as specifications, conditions, or price, fill out the required fields on the top right corner of the used truck detail page, then press submit. We will respond to your inquiry via email.

STEP 3Request the Truck

If you would like to purchase a used truck, fill out the required fields to request an estimate/bill from us. We will send you an estimate/bill as an email attachment within a few days.

STEP 4Pay for the Truck

Once you have reviewed the estimate/bill sent to you via email and have had all your questions answered, transfer the money to the bank account specified by AUTO-REX. We will reserve the truck once we receive your payment.

STEP 5Prepare for Transport/Delivery

AUTO-REX will use one of its partners in Japan to deliver your used truck to a Japanese port. We will take care of scheduling, customs procedures, etc. and load the truck on the ship when these tasks are complete.

STEP 6Pick Up your Used Truck

Show the documents you have received from AUTO-REX to the transport company to pick up your used truck from the ship at your local port.