Terms of Use

Thank you very much for your visit to TRUCK-BANK.com (hereinafter, "the Website"). The Website is operated by AUTO-REX,LTD.(hereinafter, "the company"). The company has stipulated the terms of use (hereinafter called "the Terms of Use") regarding the various services provided through the Website (hereinafter, "the services") as stated below. The person using the services (hereinafter, "the user") can use them after agreeing to the Terms of Use.


The information registered by the user and personal information about the user obtained by the company through the Website is handled in compliance with the privacy policy of the Website. Please see the "TRUCK-BANK.com - PRIVACY POLICY" for more details regarding the privacy policy of the Website.


1.Prohibition of Diversion/Resale of Services
The user is prohibited from using or gaining access to any or all of the services for the purposes of sales, religious, political, other profitable or equivalent activities, or preparation for such activities.
2.Use/Change/Suspension of Services
The company, from time to time, may change any or all of the services without prior notice to the user according to its own convenience. Also, in case of a disaster, an accident, or other emergencies, the company may suspend any or all of the services. The company assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages the user or third parties may suffer as a result.
3.Equipment for Services
When the user uses the Website, the user needs to gain access to the Internet by properly preparing and operating necessary equipment and software at their own risk and cost. However, the company is not responsible for taking any measures to provide preparation or guidance for access to the Internet by the user.
4.Copyright/Property Right/Others
  • 1.The company and its partners providing such contents to the Website own the content and individual information included in the services.
  • 2.The content provided or posted in the services or advertisements are protected by Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Design Law, and other related laws.
  • 3.The services and all the software used in connection with the services are protected by laws related to intellectual property rights.
  • 4.The user is prohibited from duplicating, releasing, assigning, leasing, translating, reselling, forwarding, licensing, reusing, etc., the services, the software, or the content included in them including, but not limited to, data of photos, specifications, and prices unless the user properly uses the services for personal or noncommercial use, or obtain approval from the company or its partners in advance.


Prohibited Matters

The user is prohibited from conducting any of the following when using the Website or the services.