QWhat is TRUCK-BANK.com?
ATRUCK-BANK.com is a provider of information about used trucks in Japan operated by AUTO-REX.
QAre all used trucks on the website stored by AUTO-REX?
ANo. TRUCK-BANK.com also includes trucks that are the property of AUTO-REX's partner companies.
QDo you take inquiries in languages other than English?
AService is only available in English and Japanese.

Searching Used Trucks

QHow can I find used trucks I want?
APlease see the information on this page.
QHow can I get more detailed information or photographs?
AContact us via "Inquiry" on the truck detail page.
QWhat should I do if I can't find a truck I want?
APlease sign up for our new truck notification mail. Follow this link for details. Additionally, we have many other vehicles not on the site that are available, so contact us for more information.

Condition & Quality of Used Trucks

QDo you have any warranties?
AWe sell trucks on an as-is basis. We do not have a warranty related to condition or quality of the vehicles.

Purchasing Used Trucks

QHow can I find out more about the sales price?
AContact us using the Inquiry link on the truck details page.
QHow can I place an order?
AClick Order on the truck detail page and send the required information. We will send you an estimate and invoice.
QCan the truck be exported to any country?
AImporting used trucks requires special care. Please confirm in advance with relevant authorities in your country.
QCan I cancel my order?
AAs a rule, orders cannot be canceled.


QHow can I pay?
AElectronic money transfer is the preferred method. Our account information is available here.
QCan I pay in currencies other than Japanese Yen.
AWe currently only support payment in Yen.
QDo you accept credit cards?
AWe do not accept credit cards.
QCan I have funds reimbursed when canceling?
AAs a rule, funds cannot be reimbursed that have been transferred to our account.

Shipping and Logistics

QHow long does it take to ship the used truck I purchased?
AIt depends on the time taken to confirm your payment and the schedules of the transportation and shipping companies.
QCan I designate the Japanese port of dispatch and transport ship.
AYes. Please consult with us before shipping.

Export and Import Procedures

QWhen can I get the documentation needed for receiving my used truck?
AAfter completing export from Japan the documents are sent by postal mail.
-Bill of Lading
-Other documentation necessary for import procedures
QWhat documentation can I receive?
AWe send the following documentation:


QWhat should I do if I discover a problem with the used truck I purchased?
APlease contact us first. We take any complaints seriously and will respond as soon as possible.