User's Guide

Searching for used trucks

1Click at the top of the screen.

2To find the truck you want easily, enter the required search criteria and click Entering the common name for the vehicle will narrow your search by manufacturer. You can use the SPEC_SEARCH feature to narrow your search by model. You do not need to enter full words. Separate multiple entries with a space.

3Search results will be displayed as a list. Click on the image of the used truck you wish to see to display more detailed information.

4Click View all images to show details on all the images shown. to save a truck to your comparison sheet.

Comparing used trucks

You can create a list that allows you to easily compare multiple trucks that you are interested in.

1Click on the truck details page to add a vehicle to your comparison sheet.

2Trucks on the comparison sheet will be shown side by side for easy comparison. To change the display order, use the to left icon and to right icon buttons in the operations field. Click delete icon to remove an item from the list.

Registering to receive notification emails

If you would like to post a request for a specific truck, please notify us by email.

1Start by clicking the banner at the bottom right of our main page.

2This will take you to a screen where you can register to receive a notification email when the truck you want becomes available.Indicate the kind of truck you are looking for and provide us with your email address and the period in which you would like to be notified.

3Review your information on the confirmation screen and click to finalize.

4We will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided. We will send you one email per day if any trucks matching your description are registered on the site.